UPDATE! At long last, my first MFM.

When we last saw our heroine her boyfriend was wrist deep in her lady-bits as she contemplated the meaning of her existence beyond experiencing pleasures… turns out I’m happiest just getting awesomely laid. Since I’d been dying to have this experience I figured it was worthy to share even after having finished the blog. Don’t get too comfortable here, I’m never coming back! (I say as I contemplate coming back to writing my blog intermittently.)

To set the scene: I finally caved and put an ad on Craigslist before the personals section went kaput. I was contacted by a guy I was able to research on Facebook, determined he as who he said he was, was good-looking, and definitely not married. In the words of every one of my Tinder matches: Good enough! We set up our meet night for later that week- we live on JBER so my boyfriend would have to pick them up and bring them over to our house from the gate. That’s not weird, right? Boyfriend has zero interest in participating in my group activities with other men, but also has zero problem with helping facilitate my fantasy as best he can. While he’s out picking up my stunt cocks for the night, I shave my whole body, pour myself into fishnets, cinch up my corset so my tits are up to my chins, and apply a couple of layers of clown makeup. I’m nervous. These are two men I’ve never met before, but who have fucked women together a few times so they are comfortable in close quarters.

I make my grand, clumsy entrance to the living room by descending the stairs in my most ridiculous high-heeled boots I can barely walk in but look INCREDIBLE. The heal is a bone made of steel. I look fierce as fuck, I hope they didn’t notice me trembling (it’s a 50/50 from nerves and from my stupid-hot outfit.) Boyfriend leaves after I tell him I’m OK, he goes on a date with one of his ladies. The two guys and I chitchat a little bit to get comfortable; I’m pretty sure I was circling them like a shark. I tell them I do stand-up comedy locally, they ask to see some of my material. I give them 1 free minute then demand their attention as I ascend the stairs to the bedroom. I take extra care to emphasize my magnificent ass with each step, I can feel their eyes glued to it. I’m a little bottom heavy so with a corset on I’m more like an hour-and-a-half glass than an hourglass figure. The more vocal of the two, the one I’d been in direct contact with throughout planning and negotiating, mutters about how sexy that just was. I like how he growls when he talks. That lusty, primal want.

Once in the bedroom I’ve already made the beds (two queen sleigh beds pushed together) with toys and lube set out that could be played with if we felt so inclined. Immediately they start nuzzling me, one on each side. Mouths open, smelling my freshly washed skin, hands exploring my curves. My head falls back as one begins to nibble the visible part of my tits- the other is gently biting my neck and kissing my collarbone. This is my fantasy, this is what I’ve always wanted. It’s all about me, they both want me, they’re taking their time to get me wet. No rush. No awkward “where do we start,” it just started happening and it was perfect. The moment I was receptive to their touch they simultaneously began stroking and gripping and petting me. When strong hands grab you just right and you feel yourself melt- doubled. My legs are weak with excitement, they don’t even know they’re holding me up right now. Hands have found their way up my fishnet thighs and are rubbing my wet, aching pussy through my black lace panties. I’ve wanted this for so long I’m just basking in the attention. Yes, worship every inch of me; I’m Aphrodite and this is my tribute. I accept.

I push them away as I undress myself- I kitten-crawl up the bed and lie back for #1 to bury his face in my pretty, pretty pussy. (It’s incredibly photogenic, I’m literally having pictures of it framed and hung up around my house.) He’s very good with his mouth, the other (#2) quietly gets consent for me to suck his cock- I like this. I like that they make sure to go at my pace and keep to the dynamic that brings me the most pleasure. #2 is well endowed, and darker than #1- I’m into it. I enjoy the feeling of a hard cock pre-cumming in my mouth while another man is bringing me to climax on his face. While I’m distracted enjoying this blissful moment, #1 gently pushes himself inside me. He’s big. He’s not wearing a condom (which I had very specifically insisted on previously,) but in this instance I just don’t care. I’ve been overwhelmed with desire and I’m a hedonist at my core- TAKE ME. He gives me a few warm-up strokes to gauge how wet I am before he starts pounding me like he’s trying to punish my pelvis. My eyes roll back. Oh god damn it, I hope he can keep up this pace because I just love being pounded into the mattress. My arms instinctively reach down and hold my legs, putting the crook of an arm in the crook of a knee I can pull them alllllllllll the way back. #1 comments that I’m a girl who likes to fuck. ALERT THE PRESSES!

Then the big surprise.

So now #1 says it’s time to DVP me. I’ve never had double vaginal penetration, not even with toys, and these guys are both above average so I’m just… skeptical. He directs #2 to lie back and I get on top facing him, he’ll get behind me. I feel him lining his cock up and pushing trying to find some give, adding a bit of lube to help things along, and then he slides in. #2 is holding me up at this point because I’m pretty sure I went completely limp. I whimper as my eyeballs slowly start to roll forward again. Holy fuck. Don’t move. OHMYGOD. It feels so good I can’t make words yet. The pause segues to #1 gently thrusting asking how I like it. I think I said yes? Or at the very least stammered something in the affirmative. #1 growls “you like two cocks in your pussy?” Yes… yes I do. Now he’s taking me to pound town and I can’t even breathe. I’ve put a palm up against the wall in front of me, helplessly, as #2 continues to hold me in place while I’m stretched and slammed into. Fairly certain the only words heard from me for the rest of the encounter were variations of “oh my god” and “don’t stop.” #1 had me turn around to face him while still sitting on #2’s cock- while we DVP’d in that position he told me how fucking sexy my pussy looked getting double stuffed and gushing cum all over them. It felt like I was continually orgasming for the majority of the time they fucked me in tandem.

When the end drew near, they asked me where I wanted them to cum. I have one basic rule: anywhere but ON me. That’s for real. #1 clarified that INSIDE was on the table of options and I said yes. Before we met he had adamantly advocated for raw sex ending in double creampie, that it was better for everyone involved- and I declined because I didn’t know them at all and it scared the fuck out of me. He assured me they were safe and clean. I’m already fucking them raw, might as well go for the gold! First #2 came inside me, then #1 filled me up right after. That was its own amazing sensation, getting fucked while full of cum and then came in again. Oh lord. So dangerous, so good. I loved it. Totally worth the STD screening I had later that month. Let me say that again- it was worth the scare, worth the extra screening, and worth the wait to have it done right.  When they were getting dressed and I was just laying there exhausted, covered in sweat, sore, full of cum, and utterly satisfied… I asked them if I owed them money for that exchange. They laughed. Whatever, I’d pay for that. YOUR MONEY IS ON THE DRESSER, CHOCOLATE! I told #1 I couldn’t unsee how good it felt to be double stuffed and I was forever changed. I recommended him to my lady friends and he serviced a few. At least one other woman I know also cannot unsee DVP. There’s just something magical about being stretched to the hilt and feeling them sliding against each other inside me. I’m wet just recounting this experience, and it happened a few months ago. Now I know why it’s called The Devil’s Threesome.

#1 came back the next day to fuck me for 5 hours straight all by himself. He DVP’d me with himself and toys. I didn’t walk right for a week. My sage advice from this experience: don’t settle for less than your fantasy, try new things, and try to use condoms frequently.

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