The THICKNESS, vol 1 & 2

Sometimes there’s just an instant connection or chemistry, drawing you in so fast with a new person you just kind of dance around the usual screening process. This Ginger was respectful and straight to the point from the get-go on Plenty of Fish. In town for a bit on business, he wants to have some casual fun. Average height, better than average build, green eyes. Described his cock as 7.5 inches and THICK- his emphasis. I’m in. He’s at the top end of length for my preference, but self describing it as thick got my attention. Gimme that thick dick. He’s former Army- he had a pic up in his dress uniform. Woof. He’s my age, but with the right combination of personality and body- I can look past it. He passed with flying colors. He sends me his number, we text briefly, and make the plan to meet that same day. I appreciated his ability to be direct without being rude or vulgar. I’m telling you, this isn’t rocket science. At no point did he ask for nudes, or ask endless intimate questions- I give it a 50/50 chance of being a satisfactory encounter given our lack of communication beforehand, but I can’t resist a Ginger to save my life. Also, I give it a  95% he’s well endowed- orange is the new Black. Don’t ever forget that.

Upon his arrival I am freshly showered, bed is made, and I’m wearing  t-shirt that says “MEETS OR EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS.” It’s early afternoon, what a great way to spend it. We waste no time. He sits next to me, we awkwardly exchange hello’s, and then he moves right in to kissing me. I feel my lady business respond immediately. In our very brief texting we went over our Do’s and Don’ts, as well as both agreeing we like aggressive AND passionate sex. The way he’s kissing me I can already tell this will likely be a very good encounter. He’s not pushing my body down while shoving his tongue down my throat. He’s kissing me like he’s excited to see me, and he’s real good at it. Good kissers are also known to be good lovers, from my observation. Not overly eager, not sloppy, makes you want it right meow. He starts lifting up my shirt after pawing me and groping for the goodies- having discovered my nipples are pierced and briefly sucking them, it’s time for layers to come off. Not so fast, sir. You’re taking your clothes off, too. He peels his layers off as I’m taking mine off and comes right back to mauling me so expertly I couldn’t resist. He’s maneuvering me onto my back while he takes a top position. Moving his head lower he pulls my panties off but with such reckless abandon they’re still on my left leg. His eagerness to put his mouth on my slit is palpable. The moment he kisses my thighs it’s all over.

He didn’t just dive face first into my nonsense salad- first he ran his tongue up my outer labia on both sides and it felt soft and gentle and GIVE ME MORE. Once he was done tracing and teasing I felt the warm, wet touch of his whole mouth open around my clitoris, moving his tongue in ways I can’t imagine or describe. I don’t recognize the alphabet he’s writing, maybe it’s Spanish. Right around now is where I learned I’m actually bilingual, but whatever language I was stuttering out can only be whispered or shouted; there’s no in between. And it consists mostly of very short, hostile sounding 4 letter words. Do you think Jesus and God can tell you’re not swearing AT them? Fuck God sounds totally different when I’m cumming and yelling nonsense… he pushes my legs up and licks up and down, then just down. Oh my god he’s licking my asshole- I have sex Tourette’s. DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP. He rolls on a condom and pushes himself inside me- my eyes rolled back so far I saw memories from my childhood. What. Even. Is. That. That can’t be all him. I can barely take it, stretched to maximum capacity for comfort, and even then he’s mildly uncomfortably large. His length is perfectly spot on- any longer and he just would’ve been too much. I’d put him right around 7 inches in length, my preference being 6.5-7. For sure he’s wearing the biggest condom commercially manufactured, or a trash bag. Holding my body close to his and pushing his hips up into me, my limbs instinctively wrap around him like a slutty octopus. Pushing my limits for size, I question if my lungs have enough room to inflate fully while he’s all the way inside. GOD DAMN YOU HAVE A BIG DICK.

We didn’t transition out of missionary, he sat up and spread my legs wide while plunging into me with force and conviction. When I would start to climax, he’d withdraw quickly and push my legs up around my head. With my pelvis lifted to the right level, he’d shove his tongue in me as my insides start to contract with the orgasm. Literally cumming on his tongue. My hips would buck but his arms would find their way around them and hold them in place, while my legs stretched upward trying to walk on the ceiling. I sound maybe like a dying rabbit as my fingers pull his short hair and hold his head firmly in place. Good Lord, who taught you to do that? He does this for every single orgasm. As soon as I begin to cum, back go the legs, down goes the head, and he’d ride my climax on his face. I didn’t keep count, I was much too busy screaming his praises to the Gods. He gets his and we collapse away from each other. He puts his underwear back on and I’m guessing he’s leaving now, sad times, but then he hops back onto the bed and I take the opportunity to snuggle up into his armpit and touch on his body while I bask in the afterglow. I’m wrapped around him and mostly content. I could definitely go for more, but he’s not some 20-something with endless stamina… or so I thought.

I gift him my mouth because he’s more than earned it. I can’t get my mouth around it right, my hand doesn’t wrap around it. It’s awkward to handle, do I need a license? I feel like my certs are out of date because this newfangled cocktraption is just outside of my scope of experience. He enjoys my head game but it just makes him want to fuck me. Clearly he gets most of his satisfaction from pleasing his lady. I’m not going to argue, and somebody has been listening to my thoughts and dreams again because this man was made in a fucking lab just for me. Please me you thick dick Georgia peach! He pounds away at me from different positions, I like him behind me because I like his stroke and how he braces himself by holding my hips down. He gets off twice more and I have no idea how much time has passed… what even is time, man. The sun goes down around 4pm right now so that’s not a good indicator either. Between our rounds we break for cuddles and snuggles- he confesses he assumed, from my profile on PoF, that he was to go after the first round and I wasn’t much for affection or cuddling afterward. I’m amused I come across that way- I’m all about those afterglow cuddles. HOLD MEEEEEEEEEEE, pet my hair and tell me I’m pretty. He enjoys the cuddles too, and doesn’t like to just leave after a hookup unless that’s her preference. Aftercare, it’s real. Take care of your partner after you fuck them. It feels great. Apparently he doesn’t get to round 3 very often, and he’s kind of thrilled about it. Fool I don’t get to round 3 very often with men in their supposed prime, so who’s more thrilled!?

The last time things started heating up I’m on my belly and he’s pressing the head of his monster cock on my asshole- I’m doing word problems in my head about the likelihood of this being a good idea or not. His size is intimidating and he’s more shaped for vaginal feel goods. But… I like how he lays it down, and I like anal with the right partner. He’s an intuitive partner and he reads my cues very well, plus he just wants to bring me all the pleasure. I don’t doubt that he’ll follow my lead and respect my signals if things get too intense. We were unable to make it happen, he was just too big and we didn’t do enough warmup, but I took about half of him before tapping out. He admits he’s never been able to have anal successfully, and I can understand why. The way he’s shaped, getting the head in is not the hard part- he gest wider towards the middle and base, like a fucking road cone. He flipped me over and fucked me hard up until I told him to say my magic words. Tell me you love fucking me. SAY IT. The words fall out of his mouth and he explodes seconds later, to his own surprise. He apologizes for cumming too soon- I had to hold back my school girl giggle. What a dear, sweet lover. He actually thought he owed me an apology after our FOURTH consecutive romp. Cleaned up, it’s time for him to go he has things to do. I’ve got shit to do as well. I tell him point-blank I’d like to see him again before he leaves, he happily agrees. 10/10 would fuck again.

Fast forward 24 hours.

He texts me asking what my plans are for the evening, as he’d like to grab a couple of beers and a late dinner. Maybe I’d like to join him? Or I could come over to his hotel room after and he could just fuck my brains out all night…? When posed with options like this, I always ask WHY NOT BOTH? I tell him I’m going to shower and meet him at the restaurant bar near his hotel, he instructs me to bring my lube. You got it, Mister. I don’t really do compromises… why end with a OR when there’s always an AND? In the time it took me to excitedly shower and keelhaul the warts off my body, my phone starts showing notifications of other interested men folk. CAN’T TALK NOW, THICKEST DICK EVER WANTS TO TAKE ME TO POUND TOWN! He tells me I can’t miss him at the restaurant bar- he’s wearing a cowboy hat. Oh goody, I know what I’m wearing later. Test me, I’ve got true grit. (You thought that hyperlink went to the movie reference, didn’tcha?) The company was great, he’s fun to talk to. We talk about our kids, divorce, he tells me about his previous military experience, and what he’s doing now. Can honestly say he’s a good one. Sexy Ginger man with a good head on his shoulders and giant cock, somebody please snatch this man up quick haha or don’t, and let him keep sharing that beautiful endowment with all the ladies. An absolute treasure. He confesses he doesn’t generally have his lady spend the night because he’s very affectionate and waking up next to someone he’s spent the better part of the night pleasing, can lead to him having feelings. I get what you’re saying, we’re gonna fool around and then I gotta GTFO. Deal.

As we’re leaving I ask how many Magnum XL condoms he has- he says 4. We need to buy more, STAT. Rolling into Wal-Mart at that hour, with giant shit-eating grins on our faces, buying only condoms… I feel like a teenager again. Don’t get it twisted; there’s approximately 10 million condoms in my purse, but they wouldn’t fit him. Remember, if you’re hard to size on either end of the spectrum there’s a UK company called TheyFit that you can enter your measurements into and they’ll get you fitted with one of their 66 sizes. Custom cocksheath. You think you’re big, you ain’t big until you must have custom condoms. Back to the hotel room, we barely make it to the bed and he’s on me. I’m a little drunk- 3 drinks on a mostly empty stomach, I’ll sit on your lap and call you Daddy if you want. Details from here are fuzzy, but he went down for ages and we fucked around in every position. He was having some performance issues but was bound and determined to make sure I enjoyed our time as much as possible. We took a smoke break before trying again, and he tells me he’s half Mexican. What. This perfect Ginger man is also a beaner… I swear to Kylie Minogue I can’t make this stuff up. He was made just for me. At some point I wore his Stetson when we come back inside, naked. While he was behind me licking and sucking my clit, shoving his tongue inside my pussy and my asshole, I hear the top of the lube bottle click. It’s time. I can feel it cold and slippery, then hear him stroking it on himself. He positions himself at the backdoor and gently adds pressure until I whimper or tense up. Patience. Working together slowly, gently, following my vocal cues I take him to the base. Pushed to the hilt we pause. It’s more than mildly uncomfortable, but if we take it slow it’ll feel great. He’s down close on me, wrapping his big hands around mine, entwining our fingers, crossing arms under my chin as he grinds into me. I have not been quiet at all during any of this, but now I’m incapable of controlling the primal animal noises I’m bleating into the bedding. He picks up the pace, we start talking dirty to each other. I can feel him shaking a bit, he’s going to cum soon. He slows down but he’s plunging into me with the kind of force and quivering body that lets me know it’s now. I tell him to withdraw slowly. I am spent. It’s late, the booze and orgasms are sedating me. I’m fading quickly. He’s holding me and I’m lost in it. Fade to black.

I wake up hazily to roll over and his arms find their way around me again, he’s a perfect big spoon. I’m cold and reach for a sheet, he covers us immediately and I’m back out like a light. I awake fully to him sliding down the bed, tossing my right leg over and burying his face in my morning pussy. After several loud, amazing orgasms, he gets down close and pushes himself inside me all at once. Oh fuck. Please don’t stop. Rocking into me I’m wrapped around him in my koala hug. He’s even kissing me with my dragon breath. Digging my fingers into his back and pulling his short hair, I don’t want it to end. Morning sex was more passionate, and a bit briefer. God damn that was good. We get dressed together, and he goes to walk me out but as soon as the elevator door closed he dropped to his knees. Pushing my skirt up, pulling my panties to the side, he takes my box in his mouth and I hold on for dear life, staring up at the mirrored ceiling I get to watch myself almost cum in his mouth. We haven’t even hit the floor button yet. He reaches up, hits L, and continues his works. When we get to the ground floor we smoke together outside, recap our enjoyment with each other. This will happen one week from now, when he has free time again. My back hurts from how he so violently throws my legs back to eat my pussy while I’m cumming, both my pussy and asshole are recovering from their respective stretching and beating, and I’m walking on a broken toe. BUSTED.

He tells me after two days with me, he won’t be able to fuck for a week. I drained him. I scamper home to sit on frozen bags of peas, pound water, and cuddle all my pillows. I am completely satisfied. Thoroughly pleased. 10/10 would fuck any time.