Second Chance

I don’t often find myself in a very forgiving attitude towards unsatisfactory sex, at least not as much as I’d give a second chance. This 19-year-old Airman had come over before and though it was very good, it was short-lived and he “had somewhere to be” suddenly. Go fuck yourself, twat. Grumble grumble grumble. Well, he hit me up yesterday and asked for a chance to redeem himself because he didn’t please me the way he knew he could. His words, but they translate to “I want to be on your blog!” See, what I liked about him previously was that he reads my blog and it turns him on. He knew, the first time, what I like and what I don’t like. He also knew about my piercings and that I’m really, really, really good at giving head. Already leaps and bounds ahead of the game when you walk in knowing exactly how to fuck a girl, am I right? If I remember correctly, he gave excellent head and got dominant the way I’m most receptive to. He told me I came in his mouth 4 times. Sounds right, alright champ you get another crack at it. As I write this I’m snickering to myself how pompous that sounds. My blog is the best wingman I could ever have, and I am eternally grateful to the women and gay men in my life who insisted I make my stories public. Shout out to my fans, when I get famous I’ll forget all about the little people. I hope to someday be the kind of celebrity train wreck that Courtney Love was for years. Dream big.

I need to pick him up this time, because whatever reason I wasn’t really paying attention to about his car. Ok. Not really something I do… but I’d be nearby anyway, so whatever. I practically live downtown this time of year at the gay husbands’ place, so picking up someone near the base isn’t really a big deal. Mostly though, I don’t pick them up on principle. Again, I’ll make an exception. He’s cute enough… and he’ll be getting off work, in uniform. Hellooooooooo, nurse! He hops in my car right as I’m about to take off because I’m not one to wait and I’d been waiting about half an hour. Yeah yeah, I know the military is shit about letting you go for the day when they say they will- I just don’t wait for anybody. I was in a pretty good mood and was anxious to get laid to continue the good vibes; I’d masturbated twice today already (I average between 3-5 times a day so I don’t turn into a bitch,) and I went on a super awesome lunch date with an older, and fiery, Hispanic lady that wants to eat me for desert. RAWR, MAMI! She may or may not be a former higher-up Latin Queen of New York… with a bullet wound… and a prison stint… roll those R’s a little harder for me you sexy beast. Bad girl to the bone, I wanna ride your face. That Brooklyn Puerto Rican accent does weird things to my clitoris. ANYWAY, back to my fuckstick of the day: his name is Second Chance and he more than made up for his previous shortcoming.

On the way to my house we talk very briefly about my blog, and my expectations. He’s visibly excited and anxious, and says “God, can we get there already?” Oh yes, boy. I’m gonna fuck you until I break you. He tells me he has been keeping up on my blog since our first encounter, and he masturbates to it. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS that makes me so, so happy. Once home I immediately start throwing my clothes off, and not in a sexy way. No, no, no. In a primal GET THIS SHIT OFF ME IT’S 90 DEGREES IN MY HOUSE AND I LIVE IN FUCKING ALASKA way. I go brush my teeth (I smoke, he doesn’t, it’s polite,) while he takes his boots off and gets situated on my bed that I just made… while naked. I apologize to my neighbors as I open my windows and shut the blinds. I’m not actually sorry they have to hear me getting banged like a thrift store drum. STOP LOOKING IN MY WINDOWS, RACHEL! Or don’t if you want to see a fat girl get her asshole licked by a 20-something Adonis, whatever floats your boat.

I keep getting distracted; back to the story at hand. I put my pig tails into braids to protect the curls, knowing full well he’s about to go caveman on me and turn it into an afro. I get on top of him wearing only my bra and panties. He’s still in full uniform minus boots and hat. I wish he still had the hat on. Whatever. We start making out and he can’t get my bra undone. No, it’s fine, let me get that for you. Pierced titties in mouth he’s growling at me as I’m writhing and grinding on him. Fuck, I wish his hair was longer so I could run my fingers through it. I can feel how hard he is under me. I wants it. I undo his jacket and lift his shirt up so I can bite his body a little. He likes it. I like his guttural sounds. Oh yeah, you’re gonna get rough with me, aren’t ya. I strip him naked and gift him my glorious mouth. Remembering the first and only time previously, as soon as I started blowing him he told me my skill at it was not overstated in my blog at all. It’s too good. He’s enjoying it immensely. He takes it as best he can before telling me he won’t be getting off that way (previously we agreed to get him off once with my hands, then recharge and fuck me so he’d last longer,) so he tells me it’s my turn for face time. You’re god damn right it is, Airman. I cannot overstate at this point, or any other point, my extreme preference for Airmen. I don’t give a shit what the other branches say about them, those boys give amazing head and they’re funner. FIGHT ME! So he gives me some face and simultaneously slips a finger inside me, I’m losing my shit here. He starts roughly, very roughly, finger blasting me in a way I can only describe as being cunt-punched and it was phenomenal. Like, crawling backwards up my bed and digging my nails into my bedding good. Some Linda Blair Exorcist crab walking while orgasming.

Condom time, he’s on top. This is my favorite part. The second he’s inside me he just starts fucking me like his life depends on him keeping jackhammer’s pace. Hard. Fast. Deep. He’s giving her all she’s got, captain! So I’m cumming like a fountain. His goal was to beat T-1000 in counted orgasms, which was 27. I’m sure I’ve had more in an encounter before, but I’m not the one to keep track. My job is to keep having them. He cums relatively quickly, which is expected as he didn’t get off from the head I’d gifted him and it is exactly like last time. Very good, very short. He needs to recharge. Here is why I love younger men so much- in 5 minutes, he was back in action. Condom on, I got on top, and he’s telling me to ride that dick for him. You got it, mister! I can feel the sweat covering me at this point, because getting off that much is apparently hard work. Also, it’s hot in that room. Oh I forgot to mention, he’s dirty talking me the whole time and demanding I do the same. Yes, sir. I love me some dirty talk. On top I can barely keep moving as my orgasms get closer and closer together. He tells me to keep pushing on, don’t you dare stop, cum again, cum on this dick again. Pulling me down towards him he fucks me from below and the climaxes are coming in waves like they’re not really ending before the next one begins. This is my favorite. Dominos. I’m sure I’ve been screaming. He chokes me a little, thank you. He’s slapping my ass so hard I can feel the blood rushing to the surface and making the skin hot. I tell him I want him behind me and he obliges. I get the distinct pleasure of watching him rail me like an athlete from behind, in my vanity mirror. He takes my arms and pins them behind my back as he’s going. He’s pulling my hair. He’s smacking my ass. I am losing my mind. Break time.

He allows me 3 minutes to compose myself before he gets back on top of me and just fucks me silly. We came at the same time. By this point my downstairs is so flooded it has become a slip and slide. We hang out a little bit, then I need to get him back home. Mostly he seems in a hurry for me to write his blog entry so he can jerk off to it, his words. I hope you’re touching yourself right now. That moment I tightened up around you the last time, gripping you as you came with me. Let’s do this again. He agrees. Good boy.