Rufio and I have hooked up a couple times since I last wrote about him, it’s always good and it’s always very fun. I’m really digging his style in the bedroom. We make out, there’s touching, it’s intimate and just… sweet. Then he discretely puts his hand on my throat, grips it tightly, and tells me to sit on his face. Or informs me he’s going to eat my ass now. *Shiver* That’s the kind of sexual dominance that really resonates with me. Please take note of this because it’s THE SHIT and more men should follow suit.

We spend a lot of non-sexual time together, because truth be told we are legitimate friends. I’m not one to fuck my friends, so this is relatively new territory for me. He came to my aid to get me on and off my roof on LSD one weekend, for no other reason other than I wanted to get up there. He’s quickly ascended into Bestie status next to my gays, where he will remain even when he leaves in July. That’s right, he’s getting out of the Army and leaving Alaska. Fucker. I mean, good for him… but ‘fuck you’ at the same time you know? We tell each other frequently all the things you say to your very closest friends. My favorite though, was when he told me in his 3 years of being stationed in Alaska he’s had the most fun since he met me. God damn right, I’m a good time every time.

Back to sexy time. We always start out snuggling and just holding each other. Swoon! Nuzzling and kissing starts, and it’s all over from there. I melt for soft, sweet kissing. Here’s the thing, you can be intimate like this and it not lead to feelings. You can. Just don’t use stupid words that confuse each other- Rufio and I are always very clear about our relationship boundaries, and yet we’re able to have the kind of intimacy during foreplay most men seem to reserve for girlfriends. The last time we fooled around we started at the bar. (This is where I should mention usually when we fool around we’re both 3 sheets to the wind in some way- convenient, inebriated, and fun! I don’t like hooking up when I’m fucked up, so he’s a safe bet.) He showed up already hammered and in a very good mood- so there was much smooching and high fiving and jubilee. It’s bro-tastic, but sometimes we press mouths together. When we head out he’s FUBAR, I’m a little tipsy. I made sure he didn’t drive, stoopit would’ve gotten a DUI at the gate if he’d tried to go home. WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR!? We get to snuggling and petting, the kisses happen, he chokes me a little and tells me to sit on his face. Yes, Sergeant. Last time we did this we just swapped oral on each other and he got off jerking himself while I was riding his tongue. He usually says BANGARANG when he cums hard, but, and I quote, “it’s hard to say Bangarang with your pussy in my mouth.” Oh… oh yes. RAWR.

After face sitting and ass eating, he asks if I have a condom. I carry a bunch in my purse, so I slipped one on him and he gets on top. Holding me close and driving into me with force and passion, he whispers “you’re fucking beautiful.” SAY IT AGAIN! He does. I cum instantly. He’s covered in love bite marks from his previous sexual partner, and I love them. In general I just really enjoy his body, including that little extra bit of skin around his bellybutton he hates with a fiery passion. When we’re all fucked up I like to squish it in my hands like play dough. He absolutely does not like this, so I do it often. I can’t remember if he got off this last time, because he focuses so much of his energy on me and not very much on himself. I was satisfied and we fell asleep naked. He’s not one to sleep next to someone because of some sleep issues resulting from 5 tours in Afghanistan, but he wasn’t arguing and I was tired. God damn those big strong brown arms. I wish everybody had arms like that, they’re wonderful.

I’ve never had a FWB that was actually this kind of friend; I’m perfectly happy with NSA and FWB encounters, but I tend to keep them pretty far removed from my actual personal life. This man, in particular, has crossed some very interesting boundaries. He also happens to be heteroflexible under the right circumstances, so much so he’s enjoyed the bodies and company of my gay friends. Yeah, we’ve shared him. Separately, but we’ve shared him. That’s a first for me; I’ve never been with someone who so easily found their way into the beds of my nearest and dearest gays. Good for him, and good for them!

Last night we met up at the bar for drinks, a standard procedure of us. We close the bar down, unintentionally as we had intended on going to the strip club Crazy Horse before the end of the night, and head out to cause mischief. What do two grown adults do on a night like this? Clearly we go steal lawn ornaments from surrounding neighborhoods, am I right? We’re never growing up. As we’re driving around he’s telling me I have an open invitation to visit him when he moves back to California any time I want. He’ll introduce me to his Mexican gang family members, because that’s on my bucket list. As we’re driving around at 3:30am my phone starts to blow up. Again, this is standard. Y’all don’t think I’m unaware of what’s happening when suddenly a bunch of dudes start asking me what I’m up to at the hour, do you? You struck out at the bar all night so you’re hitting up the ‘sure thing.’ I was content on one of them coming over, as he seemed butthurt I left him out of the shenanigans of stealing lawn ornaments. Rufio takes me to my car so he can head home, and then says the magic words: wanna get weird? Ding, ding, ding! Yes, yes I do. Fuck off, everybody else- this is my jam. When he says “weird” he’s referring to… interesting things. He’s exploring his deep, dark, hidden away sexual interests and I’m the kind of girl who is all about crossing those boundaries with him. Let me get inside you.

Once home we shower, as is our usual when we know we’re going to get down together. He likes to eat my ass and I’m all about that kind of life. I cannot wait. We stripped down and gently kiss and embrace for a moment. Lovers. That’s what it feels like with Rufio, real lovers. Probably because we do actually love each other- not IN love, but love. He’s my best friend, for sure. My friendzone just got a whole lot more inappropriate, apparently. In the shower it’s scrubbin’ time; hot, slippery, sudsy bubbles and some touching and kissing to go along with. He’s 5’5″ so we’re evenly matched; I love short men to pieces. Brushed teeth and rinsed mouths, we’re ready for the foreplay. We wrap up to dry off and lie in bed together. He throws my towel aside and pulls me close to his body, skin to skin. Our mouths find each other quickly and the way he touches tongues with me will always get me aroused. It’s marvelous, he’s not being forceful or over eager. Patiently biting and licking and touching, getting my engine revved up. His big, strong, brown hand caresses my throat before gripping it tightly- he tells me to sit on his face. Abso-fucking-lutely. As I get positioned he giggles that I’ll never turn this down, and he knows what I like because he reads my blog. Oh stop, you’re making me blush! I cum in his mouth twice before I fall over. The love bites he gives my thighs at the end are always bittersweet; I love them the mostest, but they’re the signal to get down. I just love being bitten, and he does it right- not too hard, but definitely not too gentle. As I crumple into a fetal position he rolls me onto my stomach because he wants to lick my asshole now, both our favorite thing. The second his tongue touches me there I’m saying his name. Who am I kidding, I’ve been saying his name with every rolling crescendo and orgasm since like 2 or 3 hookups ago. He enjoys his time betwixt my cheeks, and bites them passionately when he withdraws. Time to give him something in return.

I start to go down on him and he’s enjoying it. I especially like when he tells me I look sexy while I’m switching it up a little. He says my name when it feels good, and I get a shiver down my spine. As I’m going about my business he tells me he wants to taste me while I pleasure him, so I spin around and hop back on his face. He tilts me down a few times to lick my ass and truth be told it’s hard for me to keep up my attention on his naughty bits when he’s so good at what he does. After I cum again I get down and we make out for a while; I love the way I taste. He says he does, too. I grab a condom and get on top. I’m ready for hip thrusts and penetration. We get at it and I’m trying not to cum too fast, because I won’t be able to stay on top if I do; my legs get all jelly. He’s got my tits in his mouth and giving me the moans I so desperately need to hear from my partner, peppering in saying my name when it gets particularly intense. I tell him to get behind me, he tells me ‘yes, madam.’ I must have gotten off twice more like this before we needed a break. He wants to make me cum more, with his mouth. I ask him how he wants me- he signals on his face and giggles that I know to take my place on my throne. More of that while he’s jerking himself furiously, I get off hard and fall over. Now for the kinky stuff.

He wants me to play with his ass- no big deal, I’m pretty experienced in this. He’s not. So it’s been an ongoing process, he very much wants internal stimulation there but we’re having difficulty getting to the part that feels the best. No worries though, we can be patient. I slip a finger in gently and slowly while I’m blowing him, he’s rocking on my hand to ease me in little by little. I leave it up to him for this because it seems to work better for his inexperienced and quivering manhole. Eventually he wants to work up to me pegging him. I am so down. He also wants me to fuck his mouth with a strap-on. Little known fact, I’m super into that. I love to watch. The only strap-on I’ve got at this point is a chest strap-on, which won’t work for what he wants. I remove the dildo from the piece and begin to suck it in front of him. He’s LOVING it, letting out little moans when I flick my tongue a certain way or focus on a particular area that he likes. He’s picturing how it would feel and connecting to my little performance. He mentions at some point he wants to pick up a male to female tranny with me, and we could enjoy her together. I’m all about this… let me work on that one. We kiss for a bit and I go back to licking and sucking it for him while he masturbates. He joins me, placing his tongue on it and eventually he takes it from me entirely and I watch him suck on it while I blow him. WHY IS THIS SO HOT. We’re both mildly confused but enjoying it.

Eventually we go back to making out while he tries to finish himself (he’s hard to get off, and apparently he’s the only one who knows his combination.) I’m doing what I can to help him along and he’s getting close- several times, in fact. But he never makes it over the edge to climax. We end up snuggled up, naked, and very sleepy. This circus went on for well over an hour and a half, after an already eventful day and evening. He once again allows himself to sleep next to me. I can feel why he’s uncomfortable about it, as he’s drifting off his body twitches very hard. Jerking and startling me, but I don’t care. We pass out and all is well. I wake up to him letting me know he’s taking off, and a text message saying I’m being picked up tonight for a ride out to Trapper Creek Blue Grass; ticket paid for, shelter and food provided, all I need to do is bring my funny, a blanket, and a pillow. Life is fucking good this time of year.

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I left my cheating spouse September of 2015. In October of that year, I filed for divorce and set out to move on and reclaim my lost libido. I spent 8 years of my 20's faithful to two unfaithful men, I have so much time to make up for! All The Dicks is my journey having sex with whoever I want, whenever I want, however I want. The first person I spent the night with after my husband, reignited the spark and desire I thought I would need counseling to retrieve. The second person I was with sealed the deal. I wasn't broken, I just needed a tune up. This collection of encounters are the ones worth re-telling- I don't write about every sexual encounter I have, and I certainly don't bother with any that were sub-par. The screenshots are my own personal wall of shame, but also my trophies because nobody puts baby in a corner.

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