Resistance is Futile

I’ve gone and done it, I caught the feels. Cold War won the stand off, we had unprotected sex… what can I say, I can resist everything but temptation. Let’s back up and give it a little context.

Lately I’ve been driving him to and from the valley for tattoo appointments, peppering our time together with whatever sexual contact I can get before the journey out there. Basically he gets off work, I pick him up, we fool around, then I drive him to Wasilla. From there I find a way to kill 3 hours, then drive him home. Sometimes I just hang out with them while they do their business. Yesterday, however, things got a little too intense and we ended up just going for it. Or I should say, I lost the battle within myself to resist having unsafe sex with the iron giant.

We started out with showering together because we both smelled like human beings after doing things all day. He was behind me and he started to nibble my neck, I felt the tingles shoot down that side of my body and the goose bumps rise immediately. His big hands on me, all I could think aboutt was throwing him on the bed and taking him for a ride. MUST. RESIST. I get the thought in my head that when we do decide to have sex, I want to cover the whole bed in my enormous condom collection I’ve invested in, since Stupid won’t wear them and they’re a glaring reminder of all that could have been. He tells me it’s a dumb idea, it won’t be nearly as great in execution as it is in theory, and I won’t like it. FINE, RAIN ON MY GOD DAMN PARADE. I thought it was a funny idea. After the shower he gets comfy on the bed and I get in position to gift him my glorious mouth.

I absolutely love going down on him. He tells me he can’t speak Russian while I’m doing my thing because he loses the ability to form coherent thoughts. Damn it. As soon as I start he loudly announces his thanks to whatever or whoever he prayed to above. So I’m swallowing his peen as best I can and it’s dragging on forever (this is not a common occurrence so I’m a bit confused.) He laughs when I switch things up to just my hands for a bit, telling me he purposefully jerked off earlier just to make it last longer- because he enjoys it so much. You sly devil, but nothing will stop me from finishing him off. I’m going to make you cum you big, beautiful asshole. He’s shaved down there which is nice, but hair will always find it’s way into my god damn braces. Either my head hair, or his pubic hair. It’s mildly annoying. He wants me to tongue his testicles… ok, not my thing but whatever. I personally find them repulsive on any man, but I guess they’re sensetitive. I do my one move where I softly take one in my mouth and gently move my tongue in circles around. He loses his fucking mind. That’s the ticket, apparently. Ok, I love finding out what makes a man squirm. This will be all the time for him. He starts squirming the way I know it means he’s getting close. Quietly he tells me “Fuck, baby you’re gonna make me cum in your mouth.” Good boy. He loudly orgasms and writhes, and right as I’m about to pull away to go spit & rinse… he yells out, in the voice no less, NOT MY GUMDROP BUTTONS, YOU MONSTER!

Oh shit, I’m going to shoot cum out my nose from laughing. Fuck, shit, what do I do, this can’t happen to me. I cover my mouth with my hand and bury my face in the bed. I’m holding my breath and trying not to laugh. I can’t. I can’t. It’s going to happen, I need to get this bodily fluid out of my mouth STAT. I spit it out into a towel laying around me from the shower, thank fucking Christ- just in time. I lose it. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. You son of a bitch. I snuggle up to him and he tells me there’s no time to get me off, unfortunately. I’m not really concerned about it. The last time we fooled around he did nothing but go down on me and eat my ass until I couldn’t walk or have linear thought. That was the second time in a row. This seemed fair enough. Here’s the deal though… funny men are my absolute fucking weakness. I don’t get too hung up on looks, inches, or muscles- but give me a guy that makes me ugly laugh and I’m a sucker for it every time. I want him. I get on top and we kiss a bit. I want to shove my semen flavored tongue down his throat and pull his hair. I want to grab his throat and scratch up his back. I want all the things. I really want his dick in me. I can feel him getting hard again, with my naked lady parts rested gently on top of it. I grind on him slowly and very consciously, kissing him softly and gently tugging his hair. Reaching my hand behind his head I get a little more aggressive. Watching his face, he wants it too. He’s trying to resist temptation, probably because he knows I’d prefer a condom and doesn’t want to overstep his bounds by just slipping inside me with no warning. That face. Get inside me. He tells me if we don’t stop his penis will be inside me, without a condom, before we leave to take him to the valley. I keep kissing him, and say nothing. We’re going to fuck right now. Safety and caution be damned, I want him and I want it now.

****The plan was, on Sunday we were going to go in and get tested together. When the results came back, we would commence the epic fuck fest that had pent up between us. Couple things, though. This whole unprotected sexual relationship would be hinged on the agreement we were not sleeping with other people… monogamy. I can’t really agree to monogamy with someone before I test drive them, you know? It’s even shittier to tell someone to fuck off because they don’t please you sexually, at least that’s how I feel about it. Unless they’re an asshole- then whatever you can say to make them feel 2 inches tall, fucking do it. But he’s not really an asshole, and I’d feel bad if we weren’t sexually compatible after going through the hoop jumping to get tested and promise to only fuck each other… just to be like, “oh… no Bueno.” Also, monogamy. I have a love/hate relationship with monogamy. I love it, and I have no problem being monogamous… but after being duped and cheated on by the men I’ve loved the most in this world, I’d given up on it as a concept for myself. Then again… you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take in this world, so what’s the worst that could happen? I’m going for it. He can’t fuck me up any worse than my failed marriage. (Did I mention yet he’s actually been listening to my dumpster fire of a life and being emotionally supportive? Yeah, he didn’t run. That’s a good sign, I won’t have to cut his Achilles to keep him around!)

Back to sexy time. So I’m on top of him and he’s made it clear he’s about to make his move if I don’t give him the signal to stop. I did not. He reaches down and inserts himself into me. The little sigh and moan he gave out when I pushed back down on it a little, yes. All the yes. I sit up straight and start swiveling my hips. Oh god damn it, I’m SOAKING WET from blowing him for like 45 minutes. There goes all that glorious friction. Oh well, he’s hitting my g-spot anyway and I can’t focus on keeping a rhythm. He wraps those big, strong, immensely attractive arms around me and starts plowing me from below. I get off quickly. I dismount and go for a change of position, he wants me on all fours. Yes, sir. I loved watching myself get worked by this man in the mirror on my vanity. He hit it from a couple different angles, and I can’t get enough of his hands all over me. Sweat dripping from his head onto me, he’s putting in the work. I get off twice more and just kind of fall over. He starts wiping sweat off his body and getting dressed. I’m confused… why are we stopping, god damn it? He reminds me he has the tattoo appointment. OH SHIT. I completely spaced it, how much time had passed? Are we late? FUCK. We’re about 15 minutes behind schedule. Not too bad, but traffic is a bitch.

Walking, or rather stumbling, out of my house it’s obvious what we were up to. My hair is FUCKED UP, and I’m wobbly on my feet. He’s covered in sweat. God damn it I can’t think straight to leave my home properly that soon after having back to back orgasms. I forgot my trucker hat, and a jacket. My bedroom smells like sex. I’ve got the dreamy thoughts distracting me, picturing my favorite moments and replaying clips from the encounter. I’m trying to hold onto it. As much as I can, I don’t want to forget the parts I liked the most. Look on his face, a sound he made, quoting a fucking children’s movie after cumming in my mouth. You know, the important things. I tell him I’m 16 and not really on birth control. He tells me frequently I look 12, so I’m sure it’s good news. Good thing he didn’t cum in me, am I right?

I leave him there to get his ink done, and find my own things to do. We make plans to see each other the next day, and the day after that. I text him when I get home, after dropping him off, and we get a little sexy, sexy. I agree to exchange him blowjobs for him to leave me voicemails in Russian telling me sweet nothings. He drives a hard bargain, but I got the better end of the deal. Ugh, hurry up with your living situation Mr. Man. I’m ready for you to spend the night at my house and wake me up with your mouth. He tells me he can’t wait for that as well. So now what? What happens with the blog? Do we just go with “All the Dick” in the singular? He said I can continue to write about him, so I’m going to. We’re not serious or anything, just casual something or others. I’m gonna feel this out and ride his dick, see where it goes. If it doesn’t go anywhere, I’ll be the Queen of Peen once more. Hooray!

One thought on “Resistance is Futile”

  1. I really like how you and rest of females around the world blog bout your sexual adventures or coitus encounters, and how details of orgasmic waves of physical plunderers of pain and endearing pleasure all at once and it almost i was there to see you and others you have met but also the flubbes and clumsiness to get too have that moment to take and give each that such a comedy. Now i read a few of them and honestly i been turn on with such rousal and laughter all at once and i feel better too cause human only fantasize and as well in hopes everything falls into place as perfect as a sun set, and that’s not case we have reality that can or can not but theirs always a tomorrow too and this other reason why i like how you tell that there is next day to try again. So please tell more of you and Russian fellow, they are really great blogs in hopes i get to read more and thank you for taking the time to blog all bout this
    Your groupie
    Da Bearden


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