As I write this I am currently recovering from the best head I’ve ever gotten in my fucking life. Like, you know those moments where you’re just mind blown and shaking and dizzy after a good orgasm? Turn that up to 11, motherfucker.

So this Airman SSGT I’ve seen before (also just for oral) wanted to come over and bless me with his face game again, and I am more than receptive. It was great the first time and I really love this delivery head thing I’ve got going on. There’s something just fierce as fuck about being called upon to be pleasured. Yes. Make me cum for you. I ask him to bring his uniform because why not? I fucking love that shit. He didn’t end up wearing any part of it and I didn’t notice until he was leaving- but maybe next time. Or never, I don’t care, just come put your mouth on me again sometime. First and foremost, he loves to do it- which is painfully obvious just in the length of time he’s willing to do it, and the pride he takes in a job well done. Second, he doesn’t get me off a few times and then unzip his pants like “hey…. so about that reciprocation….” He genuinely just loves to have a box lunch and make a lady very happy to receive his company. I’m pretty sure he has gills because he didn’t come up for air. I don’t know what his technique is but he’s the golden God of oral and all should bow to him. I literally told him to teach classes and make money. Not gonna lie, I’d really like to be on his level…. I wanna do to a girl he did to me. Someone volunteer as tribute so he can teach me his vagic.

Looks-wise he’s handsome, and that beautiful shade of brown I’ve grown to love so much. He’s 27 so a bit older than what I normally go for, but I can forgive anything for the right personality. He’s got the good stuff. He’s fun to talk to, polite, respectful, and just down to give me endless selfish pleasure at my whim. The first time he came over I reciprocated his face time with my nifty 2 handed HJ I love so much, and he popped much faster than I was anticipating. Surprise! This time I did not reciprocate, and he seemed fine with it. I don’t plan on always just taking from him, I like to give back. This time, though, I wanted mine… all mine… and he provided it without question. I like his body even though he’s not a ab-tastic 22 year old gym rat- he’s strong, kind of quiet, thick, and sweet. Mmmmmm Yum. I really enjoy his strong hands, arms, and shoulders. They’re perfect in every way. Exactly what you need when you need it done right.

We started out on my couch with him just using his hands, and oh what hands he has! If I didn’t know what he did for a living I’d assume he was a mechanic. He brought me to climax a few times, very intensely, and my legs were jelly. We moved things over to the bed after we hung out for an hour or two, to let me recover. He started out by pulling me to the edge so he could kneel at my alter properly. As soon as his face was buried in me it was all over- he went down on me for an hour. A FUCKIGN HOUR. Technically, about 50 minutes straight, and when he noticed it wasn’t a full hour asked if I wanted the last 10 to top me off. Of course I said yes, but I could barely talk at that point. I haven’t the slightest idea what I muttered out to him in the affirmative, but he dove right back in and finished me off like a fucking champion. I have never, in my life, came that hard from oral stimulation. It was like a carnival ride and I was zipping around upside down and doing spins while screaming. What the fuck was I trying to hold on to? Both of my feet cramped from curling my toes so hard and for so long. He’s lucky his hair isn’t longer because I would have pulled it out. Trying to talk while he’s doing his thing on me, I developed a stutter. Or was I speaking in tongues? Satan might have ahold of me.

Oh god, his beefy strong arms pushing my thighs apart when they’d start to come together while I was getting close. Those hands groping and massaging everything while he’s doing magic happy tongue dances on my clitty. The soft little love bites on my buttcheeks and thighs and outer labia. Gentle, soft kisses up and down my legs, thighs, lady bits, and everything else. Dragging his tongue across various parts of my downstairs not directly linked to the main slit. Pushing my legs back and tonguing me a little bit lower- yeah, he went there. And it was great. Not gonna lie, I absolutely love receiving rim jobs. They’re probably one of my favorite things ever. He was thumbing my clitoris rapid-fire style while tongue-punching my fart box and I came like a fucking fire hydrant, that was also screaming bloody murder and convulsing. Just… wow. Talk about full service! I actually came so much I might be starving to death. Also I can barely walk. I stood up after all was said and done and I nearly fell over from the head rush. THAT kind of night.

He’d go from manhandling my nether region with his face and hands to gently coaxing me back from orgasmic bliss to go another round. And he did it all silently, not once did he growl at the badger. My ears are ringing. He’s going on my sweet ass referral list for any lady friends that want to have their world rocked. I asked him how he got so good at this and he laughingly said it was his first time. You sonofabitch. Clearly he was joking, but I wanted a real answer. Teach the boys your ways! When I told him that was the best oral I’d ever received in my life he said that sounded like a line I tell all the men in my life. NO, MOTHERFUCKER, I WOULDN’T STROKE YOUR EGO THAT HARD IF IT WERE FALSE! I barely care at all about the men I meet, why would I go out of my way to inflate their already oversized egos? Exactly, I fucking wouldn’t. He’s a master of his craft and all should know it.

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