Foot Fetishist

Hellooooooo soldier! Super cute 25 year old hits me up on Tinder and I am all about him. He tells me he’s a heavy equipment operator and that’s a great sign because I’m a fat girl. (JOKES FOR DAYS!) Please, please operate my equipment. Our chit chat is fairly brief, but I like him. Cut to a day where I have some free time and he just knowingly springs it on me he wants to see me. Okie dokie, I’m down for pound town. I tell him to describe exactly what he wants to do to me, amongst other things he mentions my feet. Oh really? Tell me more about it, hot stuff. He wants a foot job… surprise, surprise, I love guys who love feet. I’m not into feet, but I’m very into MY feet being loved on. They’re lovely, delicate, and very sensitive. I’m more than excited. I tell him to give me about an hour to get ready so I can exfoliate and scrub them smooth for him, on top of my normal hookup hygiene routine. Mostly I just get hosed down behind the Olive Garden and sprayed with gas station perfume samples. You’re welcome for all this effort I put forth. Kidding aside, I take a shower, do my hair, and usually paint on my cat eyes. I like the look, they like the look, why not? Besides I kind of have a thing where I hope they fuck all my makeup off my face by railing me real good like. FUCK MY FACE OFF. Here’s to hoping, am I right? He promises to bring his uniform for me to enjoy (god damn it, he fucking better because I still haven’t gotten an Army uniform and it’s on my Fuck It list.)

He’s about 15 minutes late, but I’mma let that slide. He’s just darling in person. He asks if he should put the uniform on right there, in the living room, for me. Of course, right now, what are you waiting for? He obliges and I am LOVING it. Seeing his surname patch on his jacket I ask him where it’s from, thinking possibly Hispanic. Guam, he’s Pacific Islander. I think I kept my cool but I wanted to scream how interesting I find that- also, wicked hot. He sits next to me on my couch and I can’t take my hands off him. Leaning over he starts kissing me- yesssssssssssssss. He’s doing the thing I like! Make that move, boy. I take my glasses off but he tells me to leave them on, they’re sexy. Yeah the are. I undo his jacket and move my hands to untuck his shirt. I love his body. I keep touching his torso and back. Basement has flooded, time to go bang it out like adults. I drag him to the bedroom and fetch us a glass of water for the post-coital time. I tell him to undress for me, he says Yes Ma’am. GOD DAMN RIGHT, YES MA’AM. Fuck I love when they say that. Legit, favorite thing with military boys is having them say Yes Ma’am. He’s excited and wants to get naked, I tell him to go slower. I want to enjoy him undressing for me. This is my thing, he gets his later. Watching him is such a turn on. I dig his body, I dig his boyish smile. He’s sweet, not pushy, and comes across very interested in what I’ve got going on. He told me he’s really into bigger girls, and he was all handsy with me on the couch.

I’m still dressed and I get on top of him, I want him to want me. We’re making out some more and he’s pawing at me heavily; he wants the titties. I throw off my dress and bra and he immediately grabs them up and starts sucking and biting the way I’m very pleased with. I love my girls, he seems to like them too. I take off my panties and straddle him a bit more for makeout time. I ask if he brought condoms, expecting him to say no (I have a stash,) and he said yes! Good boy. Cannot express enough how much I respect that in a partner to bring their own- who knows, maybe we’ll go through all of them! I roll one of my condoms on him with my mouth and take him for a ride. He’s bigger than I thought he’d be (hooray!) but not big enough to make it uncomfortable. I like it, I can swivel on it. He’s moaning and making the man noises I love so much when I’m in control. Whimper for me, baby. I wanna hear those “oh god, yes’.” I’m working the hip swivel, he’s liking it. Get down, get down, get down tonight.

We switch to missionary and I’m clutching his dog tags while he’s railing me. HARDER. Fuck me harder! I’m getting off steadily, he whimpers he’s about to cum. That’s fine, you’ve done your job. Good boy. I encourage his orgasm and his climax was hot. I’m working on keeping my eyes open for sex. I’m so used to closing them to focus on getting mine I’ve missed a lot of the visual stuff that makes it so memorable. I want my eyes open when they cum, for sure. Watching the face twist, then relax. The sudden flush of color. It’s super hot, and that’s without them making a sound. I love a vocal orgasm, they’re my favorite. He rolls off me and we just lay naked next to each other for a bit, fingers entertwined together. I’m glad he’s sticking around, however brief it may be I appreciate the post-sex conversation. I tell him about my gay husbands, and our alternative lifestyle of 2 gay dudes and their bisexual wifey.  He’s deploying to Kuwait at some point, I inform him if it won’t make things weird for him I’d love to be his pen pal while he’s overseas. And I’m serious about it. He accepts my invitation, saying he’ll need all the pen pals he can get. Just you wait, boy. I’ll send you all the best letters- you’ll never forget me.

We start kissing again and I can feel him getting hard, pressed up against me. Oh really, round 2 soldier? Let’s do this. He throws on a condom and we go at it a bit, but he’s having some trouble so I kick him off me. I’ve got something for him, instead. I take off the condom and lube up my hands. I start working on him with my 2 handed HJ (another uncut man, woohoo!) I get him nice and hard again and gift him some head. We go back and forth from handjob to blow job, he gets up and makes out with me for a bit while I’m jerking and twisting him just right. I’m making eye contact while blowing him and he mutters out “so sexy.” Back to hands only. He’s liking my hand skills. I mention I exfoliated my feet for him, and polished them nice and soft- he didn’t even get to enjoy them! Immediately he takes my closest foot into his mouth and works his tongue around my toes. It’s driving me wild, I love this. I love my feet being played with and loved on and given affection. I finished him off with my mouth, and after spitting and rinsing I demanded a Thank You. He thanks me graciously.

Now comes the time for him to make an exit, he says something about taking people to the airport. I explain I don’t need excuses, you can just leave if you want to. I’m not really hung up on it, I got what I wanted and we got some nice bonding in between rounds. I’m satisfied. He assures me he’s got something going on, but he tells me when he gets back from going on leave he’d like to see me again. I’m so down, boy. I still owe him a footjob. I’ll gladly get weird with him, he’s nice. Not the typical soldier I run into, he jokes he should have joined the Air Force. Haaaaaaaa It’s never too late! I can take that uniform off way faster, anyway. He mentions when he gets back maybe he’ll pick up some acid, he likes to trip. I’m a fan, I hope I can convince him to trip with me and the boys some night, he’d have a blast with us. This is what I want- to find good people who also lay good pipe. He’s both. I’ll take it.



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DD Fnord

I left my cheating spouse September of 2015. In October of that year, I filed for divorce and set out to move on and reclaim my lost libido. I spent 8 years of my 20's faithful to two unfaithful men, I have so much time to make up for! All The Dicks is my journey having sex with whoever I want, whenever I want, however I want. The first person I spent the night with after my husband, reignited the spark and desire I thought I would need counseling to retrieve. The second person I was with sealed the deal. I wasn't broken, I just needed a tune up. This collection of encounters are the ones worth re-telling- I don't write about every sexual encounter I have, and I certainly don't bother with any that were sub-par. The screenshots are my own personal wall of shame, but also my trophies because nobody puts baby in a corner.

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